What is the difference between yoga and yoga therapy?

Yoga class is generalized for the average ability level in the type of class that is being offered. Yoga therapy is individualized with a plan of care that is targeting an identified concern by the client. Yoga therapy utilizes frameworks to guide clinical judgement to ensure effective and efficient interventions. Both are wonderful ways to feel better and can be practiced simultaneously.

Are yoga therapists certified?

Yes, I am certified as a yoga therapist by Breathing Deeply and I am pursuing C-IAYT, which is the highest level of yoga therapist certification and requires additional hours of practice with mentorship from experienced Breathing Deeply yoga therapists. Yoga therapy is an emerging profession and is making its way into medical centers and healthcare systems!

Are yoga therapy sessions covered by health insurance?

Not yet. I hope to see this happen in the future. I have designed AYT with all the same administrative requirements as my other healthcare work in hopes to help pave the way for services being covered. For now, I will be offering discounts and some perks. Stay tuned! 

Does research support the use of meditation?

Yes, we have made tremendous gains with regard to research related to the effectiveness of meditation. Scientific evidence has proven that meditation is helpful for many conditions including: chronic pain, PTSD, autoimmune disorders, depression and anxiety. I am happy to provide research articles if you are interested in learning more. 

Rates & Discounts

Individual Session Zoom $75 for 75 minutes

Individual Session Face to Face $145 for 75 minutes

healthcare employees, teachers and grocery store employees offered a rate of $50 for 60 minutes


Please email me for questions, clarification, and scheduling an appointment. I will be available evening and weekend hours.