AYT is founded on my personal values; passion, persistence, and patience.  I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. I began teaching yoga in 2019 and enrolled in a yoga therapist training with Breathing Deeply in 2020. This training deepened my personal practice and enriched my daily existence immensely. 

 "The freedom that practice offers is not for the few, but for everyone."
~Brandt Passalacqua
Breathing Deeply

My intention is to merge my professional experience and education in occupational therapy, public health, and yoga therapy to provide a supportive environment for you to reach your goals and aspirations. Yoga practice can influence all aspects of life and provides a path for self-inquiry, personal reflection, and uncovering our true nature.

Mission & Vision

AYT is in service to promote a wellbeing paradigm and create a shift in collective consciousness to increase compassion and reduce human suffering. 

This will be accomplished by providing effective and efficient interventions using: gentle movement, breathing techniques, meditation and education on yogic philosophy.


The Sanskrit word for community is sangha. Connection to nature, friends and community helps down regulate the sympathetic fight-flight mode and up regulate the parasympathetic rest, digest, and heal mode. I will be sharing resources that have been supportive to my own personal exploration, wellbeing, and practice.